ADP® provides solutions for a variety of HR elements. Whether you are using ADP® for Payroll only or as your HRIS suite, Compose will layer onto your process to manage your complex compensation while leveraging all the benefits of your ADP® investment.

Why Compose with ADP®

ADP® is very robust, but compensation is evolving and requires software made specifically to handle complex plan management. Manual spreadsheet processes won’t cut it anymore. 


A tailored solution to match your unique requirements, without having to redesign your HCM. Elevate your compensation without losing the value of your HCM. 


Protected and encrypted data transit between your ADP® instance and Compose’s SOC-2 compliant, centralized, and secure system. No more offline data. 


The Compose system is easy to use and spreadsheet-like in its simplicity making it quick to adopt and get buy-in from managers. 

DEI Analytics is a vital part of compensation

A Path to Success

A good Compensation & Total Rewards program is pivotal in your company’s journey to success. Not only will you attract the best talent but retain and motivate each employee to do their very best. When your employees perform at their peak, your company as a whole succeeds. 


Tailored solutions to deliver amazing employee experiences

Let’s talk about how Compose can elevate your compensation and data analytics experience and leverage your ADP® instance to get more done.