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We know that no two industries are the same, no two companies are the same and certainly no two compensation plans are the same, but we also know that Compose can solve your compensation complexities.

Decusoft’s Compose platform simplifies the administration of complex variable pay programs. Compose offers a replacement for Excel spreadsheets, a company’s home-grown system, or can be used in conjunction with a firm’s HCM platform.

Plan and manage any type of compensation including salary, merit, bonus (discretionary & calculated), commission, equity, carried interest, deferred comp, one-time payments, vesting, STIP/LTIP, and more. Compose users report a marked improvement in data integrity and a decrease in the time and resources required to plan, implement and manage compensation cycles.

Your Compensation, Your Way

These are just some of the industries we work with today. With the increasing sophistication of compensation in every industry, our solution makes sense for anyone dealing with complex scenarios. 


Retail & Manufacturing



Professional Services

Your industry

Compose simplifies the administration of complex variable pay programs across the board. Whether you are a financial firm dealing with Deferred Compensation or a global retailer that has multi-currency complications. We have you covered. No more spreadsheets, no more wasted cycle time, and no more errors. 

Process your compensation simply, securely, and accurately.

Companies that rely on Compose:

Customer Experiences: Case Studies

Learn how Annaly Capital Management has leveraged Compose to improve its comp management process.
Learn how Fortress Investment Group was able to centralize, customize, and streamline their complex compensation program.

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