Compose AI:
The Next Step in Compensation Evolution

The introduction of Compose AI delivers a new era of compensation planning and management. 

Imagine a world where all your compensation data, analysis, and planning tools are accessible on-demand through simple conversational prompts.

Combining the best of modern conversational AI with Compose, our compensation planning and management solution has produced a more responsive, data-driven, and dynamic process.

Get instant access to any and all information in your database by simply asking your questions. Get data or graphical answers to anything you need to know.

Get Insights Into:

Compose AI will change how you plan and manage your compensation process.

With its convenience and accessibility, you will simplify your day-to-day access to data, saving a ton of time.

With its sophisticated capabilities to model scenarios, plan budgets and track people data, your strategic decision-making will be bolstered. 

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