Compensation Management Software Built for Financial Services

Financial Service firms are notorious for having complex compensation programs that don’t fit the mold of native HCM compensation modules.

These complexities often force firms to move their compensation planning to spreadsheets or home-grown systems that can cause a litany of complications and risks.

Decusoft’s Compose was specifically designed for financial services organizations and can provide deep industry knowledge, an experienced staff, and a product built to handle sophisticated compensation programs. 

Our financial services clients get the sophisticated programs they require, with an ease of use, transparency, and security they can’t get anywhere else. 

The Solutions You Need:

Our current release includes Compose AI, the groundbreaking new feature that will change how you plan and manage your compensation process.

With its convenience and accessibility, you will simplify your day-to-day access to data, saving a ton of time, while gaining 
sophisticated capabilities to model scenarios, plan budgets and track people data, your strategic decision-making will be bolstered. 

Having Trouble Managing Deferred Compensation or Carried Interest?

To emphasize our investment in the financial services space, we even put together a paper to guide you through how Compose can handle your complex plan types, like Deferred Compensation and Carried Interest.

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