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When you utilize Compose to manage your compensation process, you benefit from a whole host of features that improve performance, efficiency and compliance.

  • Reduce time, cost, and errors in compensation planning, administration, and management
  • Access real-time data for analytics, reporting, and modeling/“what if” scenarios
  • Enable audit and access controls for regulatory and compliance purposes
  • Configurable Rules Engine proven to handle any degree of complexity with ease

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What Sets Compose Apart?
VIP Support


Compose delivers expert customer service from beginning to go-live with the same team that directly manages your implementation. We do not outsource any of your support service EVER. Our professional services, development, implementation and support teams are senior technologists with an average of 20+ years of experience in compensation management, HR practices and technology. This means that you get rapid response times and instant access to top experts for any and all questions and issues that arise.

Why Compose?

87% of the companies that use Compose reported an improvement in data integrity, while 75% reported a decrease in time and/or resources required to manage, implement, and/or plan compensation processes.



A configured business rules engine to handle any degree of plan complexity delivered in an easy to use, spreadsheet-like format. Updates and changes are simple and immediate.


Secure, real-time access to data and controls to manage compliance, analytics, reporting & modeling. Quicker, more accurate results without the risk of spreadsheets.

"We newly implemented Compose this year and it has created a world of difference in our year-end compensation planning and execution process. Decusoft is a highly customer-service-oriented vendor that has acted as a business partner, helping streamline and build efficiencies into our compensation process. The Compose team is very knowledgeable in the compensation space and has kept our end goal(s) in mind throughout."

Financial Services Firm

"We've had a great experience working with Decusoft, and I thank you for that. It's so rare that you find a partner who both completely understands the need and is so capable to deliver against it. Really impressive - I've already told everyone in my network how great your team is!"

Senior VP Compensation
Global Retailer

"Your staff was super responsive and supportive, found creative solutions to problems quickly, and our respective teams clearly established a great working relationship. Additionally, we also received great feedback from our manager who stated how user-friendly and intuitive Compose was to use after using spreadsheets for many years."

Senior VP HR
Large Public Utility

"A big shout out to your implementation consultants and developers for being such great partners. They were extremely knowledgeable and were able to guide us in getting the best configuration for our complex set-up and specific business needs. We genuinely enjoyed working with them."

Senior VP of Comp.
Global Retail Company

"We recently transitioned to Compose to support our compensation planning needs. The high level of support and expertise provided by the Decusoft team enabled us to have a smooth implementation despite the challenges of changing timelines, budgets, and pools. We were able to provide data in one tool to support our salary, bonus, and equity planning that resulted in a seamless and smooth process for our managers."

Senior VP HR
Financial Services Firm

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with the Decusoft Compose team and would recommend them without reservation. Their team is highly experienced and Compose is an ideal fit for many firms that have complexity but want the flexibility to do things their way versus being forced to commit to rigid standards often found with other providers."

Executive Vice President
HCM/Compensation Consultant

"We continue to receive great feedback from our managers on the ease of use, functionality, and general flexibility of the system. There are two things that really set Compose apart from other systems. First is the above and beyond customer service, we receive from the team. Second is how well they partner with us to ensure we are getting exactly what we need and want from their system."

Director of HR
Financial Governance Firm

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Whether Compensation Automation is new to you or if you are an experienced user, we thought it would be helpful to address some of our most frequently asked questions to help you along the way and learn more about Compose.

Will Compose work with with my existing HCM solution?

Of course. In fact, every one of our customers has another HR software solution in place to manage the other aspects of their employee programs. We are a best of breed software specifically for managing complex compensation processes. We integrate with your HCM to keep things as simple as possible.

Is the system complicated to learn or get familiar with?

Compose is intentionally easy to administer and use. Although we provide a secure, improved option over spreadsheets, much of our functional design is configured to replicate the experience users are familiar with. We make it intuitive and simple.

Is Compose more secure than my current process?

Without knowing what you are using now, our best guess is yes. With Compose, you are getting a centralized repository to manage, maintain and control all your data. You have the peace of mind that comes with the infrastructure security as well as the controls and audit trails to track changes.

Can I use Compose to run “What-if” models?

You absolutely can. One of the greatest features of our solution is the ease with which you can model out different scenarios to accommodate alternative planning and budget changes. This modeling allows you to create multiple varied outcomes and determine the best course of action.

Do you manage implementation yourselves?

All customer implementations are done by our in-house team. We do not use 3rd party implementers like some other providers. This is important to us so we can provide you with seamless service throughout your time with us. Our team learns your program so we can be a partner in your success.