Who We Are

We provide comprehensive compensation, incentive and total rewards management software that helps leading organizations deliver world-class engagement and recognition programs. We deliver software and analytics that enable companies to operationalize their data, with insightful and actionable information that executives, managers or administrators need to consistently attract and retain leading talent.

We are a Software as a Service (SaaS) company but make no mistake, we take the Service part to heart to provide the best-in-class Service and support experiences to our clients worldwide.

Meet our Team

Michael Pires
CEO / Board Member
Rick Laurenzo
Bob Laurenzo
SVP, Sales & Business Development / Board Member
Kal Patel
Chief Technology Officer
Jim Weber
Chief Financial Officer
Steve Kraatz
VP of Engineering
Rebecca Baker
VP of Client Development
Dan Roche
Director of Marketing
Steve Kerrick
VP of Product Management
Andrew Rackoff
VP of Professional Services & Delivery

Board of Directors

Rick Kushel
Board Member
Lokesh Seth
Board Member
Rick Holton
Board Member
Michael Pires
Board Member / CEO
Bob Laurenzo
Board Member / SVP, Sales & Business Development

Our Investors

We are lucky to be supported by great advisors.

FINTOP Capital, managed by seasoned financial technology operators, invests in B2B service-enabled SaaS and software companies in the FinTech space, and brings real world understanding, networks, experience, and capital to grow those companies. To learn more about FINTOP Capital, visit www.fintopcapital.com.

Our Partners


In the community

At Decusoft, we make our specialized software solutions Simple. Configurable. Adaptable. We apply this company philosophy to giving back and making our communities stronger and are proud to support several local, regional, and national organizations.

We simply believe in supporting and encouraging the good works being done in communities, configuring our activities with industry professionals, disaster relief efforts, schools, national and local charities, etc., and adapting our participation to focus on where we can make the biggest impact.