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Whether it’s frustration with the endless stream of unreliable spreadsheets, outdated

homegrown systems or HCM solutions that aren’t flexible enough to meet your unique

compensation needs, there are many reasons that HR professionals are looking to integrate compensation management software. Not only can it streamline costs, increase efficiency and improve data integrity, but it allows companies to execute their corporate strategy with ease.


Many who are looking to invest in a compensation solution have these features and capabilities listed as their top priority:


– Automation

– Version control

– Audit trails

– Data integrity

– Integration with your HCM/HRIS

– Security


At the end of the day, we are all searching for the most efficient tool that can make the

compensation process easier while knowing that you received a ROI for leveraging a system that works with your organization. In our latest video release ,CEO, Bob Laurenzo explains the profile of the typical prospect and how you can find out for yourself if COMPOSE is the right solution for you. The video focuses on prospects going through one of the following scenarios:


1. Those who currently use and rely on spreadsheets, but soon realize the numerous

limitations such as version control, security, lack of auditability, formulation errors, etc.

which leads companies searching for another solution.


2. A firm who has implemented a home-grown system, but no longer wants to deal with

managing the infrastructure and support required versus going to a cloud-based



3. Lastly, there are those who have implemented a human capital management suited

solution like Workday, Oracle, or SAP but later realize that their compensation plan

needs are not being met. Companies often use COMPOSE in conjunction with these

suited solutions to better leverage their investments. In fact, nearly 90% of our

customers use COMPOSE with these solutions.


Given the shortfalls of the HCM modules, the known risks posed by spreadsheets and

homegrown solutions, companies are increasingly seeking to find a compensation management software solution that simplifies the administration of their pay programs.


Find out more today at www.ComposeHR.com.

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