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There Is A Cure!

If you are suffering from:

– Version control issues

– Inability to track data changes

– Unable to meet compliance/risk standards

– Calculation and master data errors

– HCM solutions such as Workday, Oracle and SAP not meeting your unique compensation needs

– Lack of flexibility

– No real time reporting capability

– Difficulty finding and correcting errors


If any of the above conditions sound familiar, you may have ICAS.  So, what is ICAS?


Inefficient Compensation Administration Syndrome (ICAS)


ICAS comes from years of “doing it the way we always have” or trying to fit the complex needs of your plans into a generic module. When neglected, ICAS has the potential for exposure to significant costly errors as well as driving numerous manual hours overseeing the process. Time that should be spent analyzing data and providing insights and recommendations to management.


How can I treat ICAS?


First, it begins with acknowledging that you have a problem and highlighting the risk and cost exposure that ICAS creates. 


Next, you must investigate software solutions such as COMPOSE, that will simplify the administration of your programs while providing a level of customization that meets your individual needs.


87% of the companies that use COMPOSE reported an improvement in data integrity, while 75% reported a decrease in time and/or resources required to manage, implement, and/or plan compensation processes.


So, what are you waiting for? If you have experienced any of the above conditions and would like to learn more about how a software solution can improve your ICAS, please visit us at https://www.composehr.com/

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