Pump It UP! The 3 R’s of Employee Recognition

September 23 was the first day of Autumn. Everyone is back from vacation and school is in session. It’s also when daylight becomes shorter and our beautiful outdoor plants become dormant until Spring. Why don’t we make this a time for Pumping UP our employee recognition efforts? I say “Pump It UP” because I’m sure you have been continuing to reward employees all summer.


When school is back in session, employee recognition should be back in session as well, and with more frequency. I like to call it the 3 R’s of recognition: Recognize, Results and Reward.


Recognize – Sometimes we’re so focused at work we don’t pay enough attention to activities going on around us. Instead of rushing through your day, take the time to observe actions. Recognize when you see something good. Did someone deliver a report faster than anticipated? Say thank you.


Results – After recognizing good performance, take the time to find out the achievements of a fellow employee or team member. Ask questions. Observe. How has it impacted the organization or the department in a positive way? Did it help you deliver a project faster? Again, say thank you.


Reward – After gathering the results of the action, reward the person or team that accomplished the task(s). Depending on the action and impact to the organization, the reward can be anything from a simple thank you to something tangible. The reward should fit the results, so it doesn’t have to be expensive if you don’t want. Here are some ideas that won’t cost you too much:



Movie Tickets

Car Wash

Dinner with Family

Gift Certificate



Thoughtful rewards like these mean a lot and convey your thanks to a deserving employee. Find out what they enjoy and surprise them. Show your appreciation.

There’s just one more “R” – Remember. Besides remembering to ensure compliance with tax laws, you must also remember to “Pump it Up!”

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