Compensation Automation for
Technology &
Business Services

Compose provides compensation automation in a secure, centralized, and scalable platform. Our solution enables you to manage your complex compensation program without the headache of using offline spreadsheets or the work of managing your own system.

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Specialized software, providing
Integration & Configuration

Our specialized compensation expertise provides dynamic solutions and easily integrates with your existing HCM, ERP, or HRIS system, is excel friendly, and highly configurable. We are a specialized compensation solution, so we are more dynamic than your HCM system and give you more flexibility with the ability to manage your unique plans in a robust and secure package. Many technology and business services companies feature complex compensation plans that too robust for an HCM module. We leverage our proprietary business rules engine to easily handle any degree of complexity.

Reduce risk with a system that is 
Centralized & Secure

Avoid the risks of making your source of record a spreadsheet that can be emailed throughout the organization, manipulated, and cause potential calculation errors. Audit protection and accountability are more important than ever. With Compose you get transparency and real-time access to all accurate information and changes. A dynamic and accurate audit trail provides an assuring layer of protection for the firm and individuals.

"We have been using Compose to manage our annual incentive program since 2014. Prior to that, all calculations for payments were done in a spreadsheet, which was both time consuming and error-prone. Compose had decreased our error rate and increased our efficiency to deliver performance and payment statements to our employees with greater speed and better line of sight to what is being measured."

Director of Compensation
Global Education Provider

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with the DecuSoft Compose team and would recommend them without reservation. Their team is highly experienced and Compose is an ideal fit for many firms that have complexity but want the flexibility to do things their way versus being forced to commit to rigid standards often found with other providers."

Executive Vice President
HCM/Compensation Consultant

"We've had a great experience working with DecuSoft, and I thank you for that. It's so rare that you find a partner who both completely understands the need and is so capable to deliver against it. Really impressive - I've already told everyone in my network how great your team is!"

Senior VP Compensation
Global Retailer

"We have used Compose since 2011, which has been an integral part of our compensation and budget process. The application has proven to be a flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use tool for our highly customized environment. My Compose dedicated support team is outstanding and frequently exceeds our expectations; oftentimes they work after hours during our busy season to address our needs. I would gladly recommend Compose without reservation."

Senior Vice President, HR
Global Financial Firm

"Big thanks to everyone on your team, they have been fantastic. My team has told me numerous times how much they enjoy working with your team and we know we are in good hands!"

Global Food Retailer

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