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Does your Human Capital Management (HCM) solution meet your unique compensation management needs?

If not, maybe it’s time to see a Compensation Specialist from Decusoft.


Come learn how you may benefit from seeing a compensation specialist versus a generalist. Let’s fist define the difference – a specialist is defined as “a person who has special knowledge and skill relating to a particular job, area of study”. Whereas, generalists are the “jacks of all trade” and understand a wide range of things. In contrast to specialists, who tend to be experts in their specific field.


Your current HCM solution, AKA “The Generalist,” may not adequately address your dynamic compensation needs. HCM solutions are typically designed to address HR management, recruiting, talent management, learning, performance management, benefits & succession planning. They are not typically designed to support dynamic compensation programs including long and short-term incentives, component-based bonus structures and executive compensation plans.


COMPOSE, “The Specialist,” works in conjunction with suited HCM software to deliver a more comprehensive and flexible solution. Our compensation software solution goes beyond assisting HR with reporting by simplifying the complexities of your unique comp plans. When it comes to planning, especially for variable pay programs, it’s worth investing in a separate system if it means you’re able to model, plan, report and analyze to develop a compensation model that attracts and retains the finest talent that today’s marketplace demands.


COMPOSE is designed to easily integrate with existing ERP, HRMS, financial and HCM systems, allowing you to better leverage your investment in existing processes and infrastructure.


There’s a reason why greater than 90% of our current customers use COMPOSE in conjunction with an HCM solution – bottom line, we provide a greater deal of flexibility and never ask you to conform to rigid preset formats – we thrive on complexity and our experienced compensation specialists tailor COMPOSE to meet your unique needs. As Specialists in compensation we will allow you to leverage your existing investment in your HCM, but also take your compensation planning process to the next level by giving you a system that is setup to support the unique needs of your employee base and business model.

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