Operationalize Analytics

Create actionable insights within Compose via our Analytics Tool.  Today comp admins have to dump data to Excel, spend time analyzing, identifying problems, and then communicating to managers.

Our Analytics clients can operationalize data by providing insightful information to managers or admins at the time of recommendations and drive behavior accordingly.

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What’s new?

The dashboards in Compose have changed how your firm can look at DEI and other important analytics. We have given YOU all the controls.

The dashboard is easy to use, role-specific, completely configurable, and most importantly updates in real-time.

Planners, Managers, HRBPs, finance, and the comp team can all view up-to-date analytics during the compensation cycle, without having to refresh and distribute the reporting themselves – all within one system. Resulting in better process and better analysis.

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Redefining Dashboard Analytics

We have created a fully customizable, and completely dynamic self-service reporting dashboard. You have access to all the information in your instance of Compose.

Run all of your analysis and reporting from a single, secure system in real-time.



Build reports and visuals on your own, on the fly. Admins can configure the default dashboard and control access by role, or system-wide. Retain the ability to update anything at any time.  


All of your specific data in Compose is available to be utilized in dashboards. This includes historical data and custom data, unique to your company.

Real-time Interactivity

Drill down and filter current data, so you can get to the specific information you need/want. Change the dashboard temporarily or save your changes to the system.


Permission users to only see data and employees they have security access to see. Do all your reporting and analysis within one secure system. 

Analytics FAQ

Our new dashboard functionality is a game-changer. Compose has made it possible to manage all your reporting and analytics in one, secure location with complete dynamic flexibility, all controlled by you.

Will my data be exposed to a 3rd Party?

No, it won’t. The beauty of Compose Analytics is that it is self-contained and completely configurable. So all your information stays within our secure system. No need to port information anywhere else to do analysis.

Is the Dashboard updating in real-time?

Absolutely. Since you are able to run all your analysis, analytics, and visuals out of the same system, all information is updated in real-time. You can see the effects that changes and updates cause immediately and react accordingly.

Can we really do it ourselves?

Yes really. We will obviously train you on the system, and we are always available to help, but the real power in this system is that you are in control and it is easy to use. You can make updates, temporary and permanent changes, configure user views, perform drill-downs, etc – all from an easy-to-use interface.

What if I have custom data in the system?

Everything in your instance of Compose is available to you. If you have custom fields, historical data, profile info, international data, et al. If it is in there, as an admin, you can report on it.