Complex Compensation Management in the Wake of COVID-19

Dan Roche, Director of Marketing with a quick take on trends in the wake of COVID-19.


Learn more about “How to Manage Complex Compensation for the Financial Industry“.


“Hey everybody, Dan Roche Director of Marketing from Decusoft here.

I wanted to talk about how in the wake of COVID-19 we’re seeing HR Teams that are working more and more in conjunction with IT and finance departments to help make sure their employees have access to all the information and tools they need to be successful.

This is great, but we historically feel that these groups are underserved from a technology perspective. As these HR, IT and Finance teams are looking inward and trying to make the best of all the factors at play today, we hope that this thought leadership piece that we are providing here with enable you to rationalize or justify an investment in the technology that can really make your departments more efficient.

After all, the benefits of having an automated compensation management tool in place will really trickle down throughout the organization, and will be able to help you retain and attract top talent and really become more efficient and communicative throughout the organization.

If this interests you, please take a moment to download our new whitepaper, ‘How to Best Manage Complex Variable Compensation Program in the Financial Services Industry’.

Thank you.”

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