Decusoft introduces powerful diversity and pay equity analytics

Customizable interactive dashboards empower companies to explore workforce composition and compensation patterns

Ramsey, NJ – July 25th, 2023: Decusoft, a leading provider of enterprise compensation planning and management software, announced the availability of a powerful DEI and Pay Equity Analytics module that gives employers a real-time picture of the gender, age, and ethnic makeup of their workforce and how those factors relate to compensation levels.

“When workplaces reflect the diversity of their communities and compensation is awarded fairly, employees are more satisfied with their jobs and stay longer with their companies,” says Decusoft President Jim Weber. “Decusoft’s DEI & Pay Analytics gives leaders the information they need to act decisively and make their companies the employer of choice.”

Decusoft’s DEI & Pay Analytics module includes highly-configurable, interactive dashboards as part of the firm’s Compose compensation management platform that enable human resource managers to explore variations in their workforce by age, gender, and ethnicity along multiple dimensions:

  • Employee composition
  • Hiring and turnover
  • Salary, bonus, equity, salary increase, and range progression (a comparison of each employee’s compensation to that of other employees in similar positions)
  • Performance rating, future potential rating, and compensation recommendations

Users can easily filter the dashboards to explore trends by location, division, job title, pay band, company tenure, industry tenure, and more.  Companies can even set diversity goals and track progress through the dashboards.

“The two hallmarks of Decusoft’s approach to DEI and Pay Equity Analytics are ease-of-use and flexibility,” says Steve Kerrick, Decusoft’s Chief Product Officer. “The preset dashboards give every Compose user the critical information they need about employee composition and compensation. And it’s easy to customize the dashboards so every company can monitor the most important factors for their business.”

Users of the Compose DEI and Pay Equity Analytics module benefit from Decusoft’s advanced role-based security. Dashboards can be shared with managers at any level, but permissioned so that individuals can only view information about employees for whom they are responsible. Compose can also generate attractive reports and visualizations for presentations on DEI and pay equity to directors, regulators, investors, and other stakeholders. 

“As companies have started to take a more active approach to managing diversity and pay equity, they have often been frustrated by the limitations of analyzing workforce data in spreadsheets or generic business intelligence software,” explains Hank Baggio, Decusoft’s Chief Commercial Officer. “With Compose DEI and Pay Equity Analytics, companies get the precise information they need in the system they already use to manage their compensation planning.”

About Decusoft

Decusoft is the leading partner to enterprises of all sizes who struggle to manage the complexity of the number one business expense in America: employee compensation. Decusoft’s platform, Compose, helps companies plan, manage, and analyze their employee compensation programs. Compose is a highly intuitive, no-code platform that takes critical employee compensation information out of endless spreadsheets and brings it into one platform, a single source of truth guarded by the highest levels of security while giving clients unprecedented control and insight. Users of the platform have the ability to adjust to changing market conditions that impact compensation structure and total rewards programs, as well as utilize internal and external data sets to get a complete picture of how the company measures against others and is viewed by its employees. Companies that recognize the value and importance of having a competitive, fair, and agile compensation program choose to run on Decusoft. Managing employee compensation is no longer just a once-a-year event. It is a year-round priority.

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