Critical Questions to Ask When Purchasing HCM Software

At last month’s NJCA (New Jersey Compensation Association) meeting, I discussed the HCM selection process and what to avoid when choosing the best option for your company. According to a 2016 Kelton Global Research study, seven out of 10 HR decision makers regretted their choice of HCM provider. Even more critical is the fact that this was due more to poor customer service than the software functions.


Here are some critical questions to consider before you choose your HCM solution:


How does your software & service/support differ from others?

What is your greatest strength and/or vertical expertise?

Can you integrate my current processes into the software configuration?

How easily is integration with other software modules (for best-of-breed systems)?

Does it have a senior executive dedicated to customer success?

What is your implementation process?

– Statement of Work (SOW) –Fixed bid or time & material

– How do you manage change orders?

What training and support do you offer users/admins before & after Go Live?

Does it have a forum for customers to share ideas and product questions?

– Does customer feedback & product features influence product development roadmap?

How often do you provide updates and is there an additional fee?

Is product secure & compliant?

Can vendor provide:

– Case studies

– References

– Client customer satisfaction data

How long have they been in business?

How many installs do they have?


If possible, speak with other companies that have used the software and get their firsthand experiences with support, implementation, and training.


HANDY TIP: Consider asking for a reference from a past customer.

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