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Compose by Decusoft offers companies of every size unmatched control over all aspects of compensation planning and management.

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Compensation Management - Decusoft

Compensation Management

Compensation planning and performance management are more than a once-a-year process to provide merit increases or create bonus calculations – the best employers look at employee compensation as a fluid process that is continuously responsive and connected to OKRs, business goals and employee experiences. 

Decusoft delivers evolved compensation management software and compensation planning tools that unleash your ability to shape amazing employee experiences. 

Compensation software - Decusoft
DEI & Analytics
DEI & Analytics

DEI & Pay Analytics

People data analytics, pay equity and pay transparency have become essential to every successful organization. The Compose® Suite provides on-demand diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as compensation analytics and insights that enable better people decisions.   

Decusoft delivers the key information, HR dashboards, and DEI data you need to improve diversity, create true pay transparency, and drive impactful change for your organization, your shareholders, and your employees. 


We make compensation management effortless. Our platform seamlessly integrates with existing Payroll or HCM systems and is simple for all employees to use. We eliminate manual, unsecured processes, reducing errors, mitigating risk, and improving engagement while delivering greater efficiency.


Best in class security standards and controls that protect sensitive data against breaches and potential leaks, in a platform that is always available, fully compliant, and auditable.


The Compose suite of solutions is dynamic, uniquely configurable, and extensible. Providing transparency through key insights around DEI, pay equity, and performance in real-time predictive analytics with the insights that help drive more accurate planning, modeling, and better decision making.


High touch meets High tech, our team of compensation and performance management experts are true partners - ensuring you have scalable and impactful compensation management, performance management, and employee engagement solutions that are shaped around your unique needs and goals.


Tailored solutions to deliver amazing employee experiences

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