Keep Your Employees in the Know

Robust total rewards statements and tools tailored to ensure your employees are always up to date and informed about their annual merit, bonus, equity and complete pay history. 

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Total Rewards Statements

Compose empowers organizations to shape amazing employee experiences and engage your people with configurable, dynamic total rewards statements and self-service tools that create a holistic view of total compensation and benefits for each employee. Simple, powerful communication in the cloud and always mobile.

Compensation Management and DEI analytics People Data Chart
people data analytics and compensation management data


Dedicated Employee Pay Pages (My Pay)

Beautifully designed employee (MyPay) pay history and rewards pagesView complete pay history including job changes, rich employee profiles, preview of current salary, merit, bonus, equity, deferred compensation, performance ratings and moreTheir pay, their way – delivered through Compose and always available in the cloud or on mobile to help reduce the burden for your managers and HR staff.  


Alerts & Notifications Workflows

Reduce administrative burdens and align your compensation planners, leaders and employees with configurable alert and notification workflows. 

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Tailored solutions to deliver amazing employee experiences

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