Decusoft Unveils Compose AI: A Revolutionary Leap Forward in Compensation Management

With its groundbreaking conversational AI feature, Decusoft now empowers users to produce data-driven and graphical answers instantly for any compensation or personnel data queries

Ramsey, NJ – November 8th, 2023: Decusoft, the provider of Compose, a leading compensation planning and management software, today announced that it has released Compose AI, a new feature that fuses the power of conversational AI’s capabilities with Compose’s robust compensation planning and management solution.

The Next Step in Compensation Evolution 
Compose AI brings forth an unprecedented blend of AI capabilities with our robust compensation management tools. We’re heralding a new era where compensation management evolves to be more responsive, data-driven, and dynamic.

“There are advancements being made in AI every day”, says Steve Kerrick, Decusoft’s Chief Product Officer. “We have been following the rapid evolution closely and recognized an opportunity to revolutionize compensation management by layering AI into Compose. Compose AI gives our users unadulterated, conversational access to all their compensation and people data within Compose. You can ask anything related to your data and get a response in seconds.” 

Imagine a streamlined world where every facet of your compensation data is instantly accessible, facilitating quicker decisions and optimizing operations. That’s the environment Compose AI cultivates.

 Key Features of Compose AI:

  • Integrated Search Capabilities: Seamlessly access your Compose database, from detailed pay scales to demographic specifics.
  • Interactive Conversational AI: Dive deep into your data with dynamic dialogue. Garner insights ranging from Guideline Analysis, budget planning, and modeling to DE&I metrics.
  • Rapid Results: Effortlessly pinpoint anomalies, exceptions, or model-specific data.
  • Strategic Edge: Unlock strategic benefits like comprehensive market analysis, pay equity, and innovative scenario modeling to enhance organizational decision-making.

Security at its Best 
With state-of-the-art encryption, secure access protocols, SOC-2 Type II compliance, and automated regulatory audit history, your data is always safe.  Decusoft’s commitment is prioritized data integrity, user privacy, and security and there is no data sharing with other Compose users or external sources. 

“It is important to us to make sure we are adding value for our customers without taking away anything that makes Compose special,” says Decusoft Chief Commercial Officer Hank Boggio. “What we have been able to accomplish with Compose AI is to bring a modern feature that simplifies the daily tasks of compensation administration and provides strategic value through modeling, DE&I analysis and ad hoc reports. All of which gives our customers the information they need to act decisively and strategically to move their firms forward.” 

About Decusoft
Companies that recognize the importance of competitive, fair, and agile compensation programs use Decusoft, the enterprise-grade compensation planning and management software for businesses of all sizes. Decusoft’s easy-to-use no-code platform, Compose, empowers organizations to manage the compensation program that suits their unique needs, combining internal data sets and external comparables into a single source of truth with the highest levels of security, insight, and control.

If you would like to learn more, please visit our Compose AI page or you can always contact us

Public release is available here.

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