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Compose Analytics is our dynamic, scalable, configured compensation & DEI analytics tool that puts you in control. It’s easy to use and highly responsive, giving you what you need to thrive through ever-shifting markets and attract, engage, and retain amazing talent.

People Data Analysis and compensation

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Dynamic Dashboards for all Your Compensation Data

With Compose Analytics you have a real-time, complete picture of your organization’s people, compensation, and diversity data – putting actionable insight at your fingertips. 

Compensation analytics tools and dashboards can be pre-configured, or self-configured, and run dynamically to accommodate the unique needs of your organization and employees, eliminating the time wasted chasing down data.

Easy access to Compensation and DEI data
DEI data updated in real-time graphics

Informed analysis

Real-Time Data on DEI & Pay Equity

Being able to easily see your DEI data so that you can act on it makes your organization 1.6x more effective at employee retention, as well as engagement and job satisfaction. Compose Analytics provides the easy-to-use compensation analytics software and insights needed to optimize the impact of your organization’s DEI efforts.

Decusoft Compensation Planning

Responsive Insights

Performance Calibration & Benchmarking

Compose Analytics lets you dynamically assess, manage, and calibrate employee performance and merit. It allows you to easily integrate compensation analytics and benchmark data into your compensation planning process so that you can model and analyze pay equity impact – elevating compensation analytics and creating rewarding experiences for your employees.

Compensation Performance Calibration

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Compose to help get you started. If you have more questions, contact us.

Absolutely!  In fact, every one of our customers has some form of payroll and/or HRIS software solution in place for general HR, talent, and/or benefits administration. We are a best-of-breed software specifically for managing the compensation planning and administration processes. We integrate with HCM and payroll systems such as Workday, Oracle HCM, SAP, UKG, ADP and more via API or secure file exchange to ensure your data is always connected. 

Compose is intentionally easy to administer and use. While we provide a secure, improved option over Excel based spreadsheets, much of our functional design is purposefully designed and configured to replicate the experience our end-users are familiar with. We also provide embedded guides for users and training to ensure total comfort with the tools – we make it intuitive and simple. 

Yes.  Compose has more than a dozen native translations and supports every major currency in the world, our suite is used by leading companies to support hundreds of thousands of employees across the globe.  

Compose comes complete with industry-leading reporting and analytics functionality. With pre-configured and “build your own” reporting available you are able to generate statements for employees, build robust visuals and dashboards to report on key information like DEI and Pay Equity, and achieve transparency through real-time predictive analytics and insights.

Our best guess is yes, but we cannot highlight security improvements without knowing more about your current system or processes. That said, Compose delivers a centralized repository to manage, maintain and control all your data. The platform is Soc-2 Type II compliant so you will have the peace of mind that comes with the infrastructure security as well as the controls and comprehensive audit tools of all changes and approvals. 

You absolutely can. One of the many powerful features of our solution is the ease and flexibility of modeling different scenarios to accommodate annual changes and alternative budget decisions to create multiple varied outcomes and determine the best course of action. 

All customer implementations are done by our in-house, U.S. based, team. We do not use 3rd party implementers like some other providers, unless specifically requested by our clients. This is important to us so we can provide a seamless, high quality, end-to-end service experience. Our team learns about your plans and business objectives to be a partner in your success. 

Decusoft Compensation Management

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