Compensation, Your Way.

Any scenario. Any data source. Any workflow.

The Industry’s Most Flexible Compensation Management Platform

Designed specifically for compensation experts, Decusoft Compose offers a comprehensive and precise compensation planning and management system suitable for every aspect of the compensation lifecycle.

Whether planning for budget fluctuations, analyzing complex scenarios for diverse compensation plans, or communicating total rewards to employees, Compose ensures a seamless, customized approach.

Adaptable to any scenario, capable of integrating data from all sources, and supporting any workflow seamlessly, Compose gives you the ability to manage Compensation, Your Way.

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Why Compose?

A better way to handle compensation, your way

Compose empowers organizations to manage the compensation program that suits their unique needs, combining internal data sets and external information into a single source of truth with the highest levels of security, insight, and control.

Unlimited Plan Types
Seamlessly manage any type of compensation plan or model: Merit & Salary, Bonus (discretionary & component-based), Equity, Stock, Carried Interest, Executive & Deferred Compensation, Sales Performance, etc.

Easy to Use 
Effortless planning, easy to use Excel-like planning grids and our no-code technology make Compose simple for all employees to use. 

Exceptional Exception Handling
The Compose solution is dynamic, uniquely configurable, and extensible. We are committed to providing you with the compensation experience you require.

Compensation software - Decusoft

Real-Time Reporting & Dashboards
Updates, changes, and modifications to plans, budgets, and payments are all factored into analytics in real time. Condense your processing and reporting time without the need to rerun reports for every change.

3rd Party Data Integration & Benchmarking
Easily integrate compensation analytics and benchmark data into your planning process so that you can model and analyze pay equity impact and compare to market trends.

Data Driven
Your data is brought to life through visuals, reports, and actionable metrics. All of your data history is available, create the tailored reports and dashboards you need to satisfy your

Data Access
Comprehensive access to and visualizations of compensation distribution broken down by race, gender, age, geography and other DEI factors.

Data-Driven Decision Making
Monitor performance evaluations, salary progression, and other factors to drive data backed decisions. Solidify your planning and execution with data support to stay agile and adjust as needed. 

As legislation requirements continue to be created, take advantage of having a trackable, reportable, and auditable record of your actions. Compose reporting satisfies existing reporting requirements.  

Decusoft supports any type of compensation plan

Total Rewards Statements
Auto-generated and customized by you, create dynamic total rewards statements that create a holistic view of total compensation for each employee.  

Employee Profiles
Rich employee profiles, with charts on current and historical salary, merit, bonus, equity, deferred compensation, performance ratings, and more. Delivered through Compose and available 24/7/365, eliminating the burden of handling requests for reports by HR staff. 

Alert & Notification Workflow
Reduce administrative burdens and align your compensation planners, leaders, and employees with configurable alert and notification workflows.


Centralized Data Source
Compose centralizes your compensation data in a secure, cloud-based system. Planning and administration is all done online,  eliminating the risks and wasted time, distributing, and reconciling data in spreadsheets.

Network Security
Mitigate the risk of data breaches or the exposure of sensitive information with our SOC-2 Type II compliant security, sophisticated data encryption, and controls with automated regulatory audit history and compliance protection. 

Command & Controls
Define and design all the controls and permissions within your Compose instance. Users only see what you want them to see. Audit trails and change records track every action.

Integrate Your Data

Bring your employee data from any existing source
to get a complete compensation picture.

Comprehensive Compensation

The Decusoft Difference


Compensation can be complex. But, with Compose it becomes effortless. Our platform seamlessly integrates with existing Payroll or HCM systems and is simple for all employees to use. We eliminate manual, unsecured processes, reducing errors, mitigating risk, and improving engagement while delivering greater efficiency.


Manual methods and spreadsheets often lead to the unintended sharing of sensitive information. Compose provides compensation experts with a platform that is always accessible, adheres to SOC-2 Type II and GDPR standards, and is auditable, ensuring secure management of confidential compensation data.


Real-time, accurate insights are key for compensation planning. Compose equips you with the tools to create dynamic, sophisticated models that account for critical factors such as DEI, pay equity, and performance. Coupled with cutting-edge analytics capabilities, Compose ensures that decision-making is grounded in the most current data available.


Our dedicated team of compensation and performance management specialists are more than just service providers; they're your true partners. We are committed to offering scalable and impactful compensation planning and management solutions, tailored specifically to meet your unique requirements and objectives.

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