Adopt to Attract and Retain Top Talent

This discussion is focused on the evolution of the employee experience, and expectations, over the past two years. Traditional concepts about the work week, tenure, and work location are no longer a given and organizations need to evolve their practices around engaging talent for whatever duration their role entails, by putting the right programs and incentives in place.

The increased pressure and legislation for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging along with ESG have shifted the conversation making disclosures and transparency around diversity and pay equity critical. Having access to and continuously tracking this data is the key. Exploring the workforce from a lens beyond EEOC – how can organizations support requests to truly embrace the human side of their employees’ needs? 

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Meet the Speakers

Michael Pires CEO of Decusoft

Michael Pires

CEO of Decusoft

Michael is an HCM/Fintech executive with more than 20 years of leading and building organizations of varied sizes. He leads Decusoft’s mission to provide a dynamic, extensible, and configurable compensation & DEI analytics management solution to maximize the impact of HR, compensation, and management teams.

Stela Lupushor HR Author

Stela Lupushor

Founder of ReframeWork and Author

Stela works with corporations on rethinking their workplace strategies and consults on how to create inclusive workplaces through the use of technology, human-centered design, people analytics, and future-thinking. She has transformed the workplace at the intersection of technology, analytics, and HR at Fidelity Investments, TIAA, IBM, Price Waterhouse, and PwC Consulting and their clients. Her new book, “Humanizing Human Capital” is available now.