Signs of trouble in the overall economy are obvious. Worrisome issues include a nasty spike in the inflation rate, unparalleled gas prices, unparalleled amount of job openings, concerns that wages aren’t keeping pace and some high-profile layoffs at companies like Peloton and Wells Fargo. Not to mention the retail, CPG, and transportation industries amongst others are experiencing record lows.

Watch now as industry experts tackle ways to approach employment strategy, economic impact of market pricing, and how to create a recession-proof pay model amid increased inflation and a looming recession.

• How to approach employment strategy during inflation
• The economic impact on market pricing
• Creating a recession-proof pay model
• How do you stay nimble as you navigate the next 6 to 12 months?
• What technologies, tools, and resources can help you stay nimble as you navigate unchartered waters

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Meet the Speakers

Michael Pires CEO of Decusoft

Michael Pires

CEO of Decusoft

Michael is an HCM/Fintech executive with more than 20 years of leading and building organizations of varied sizes. He leads Decusoft’s mission to provide a dynamic, extensible, and configurable compensation & DEI analytics management solution to maximize the impact of HR, compensation, and management teams.

Alan Miegel

Co-Founder and CEO of BetterComp

Alan is a 20-year compensation veteran with experience at all major market pricing technology companies. Having seen the technology stagnate for years, he and his co-founders created BetterComp with the aim of bringing some innovation to the world of compensation market pricing.

Daniel Moynihan, CECP

Partner, Korn Ferry

Dan works to clarify client compensation and human resource objectives, developing programs that maximize their resources and existing infrastructure. Responsibilities include the design and development of executive compensation programs to help drive attraction, motivation and retention of key personnel.