Investment Fund Case Study

By Decusoft
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This global investment fund makes equity and debt investments. They are headquartered domestically with global offices. They deal primarily in assets within the energy, transport, and water/waste sectors.

The client was able to manage multiple Merit and Carried Interest programs with very complicated divisions, results and reviews. This was all done with an expedited roll-out in a short time frame.


This global investment firm was going through a growth stage. They had been running their compensation program through one person in the finance department on excel and had decided to move to a dedicated person and software to only handle compensation. Although they didn’t have a particularly large number of participants, their program was quite complex.

The firm had multiple concerns that Decusoft identified to be addressed:
• Configurations to match their comp process and GIP specific calculations
• Configurations that would allow for a process that was centered around recommendations for new total comp that would then back-calculate bonus.
• Support a secondary, smaller comp process, that allowed for the calculation of total comp from new salary and bonus recommendations
• Recommendations for employee and owner Carried Interest basis points and calculate individual carry dollars at work
• Ability to perform scenario analysis/modeling
• Track budgeted headcount and associated compensation elements
• Ability to run detailed audit trail reporting
• Being able to run autonomously for ongoing compensation cycles
• System generated employee compensation statements that would assign the correct template dynamically based on award types


The client chose to Compose to solve the problems they were having with their current set-up. Compose had a proven ability to solve the specific hurdles they were facing and the ability to consult and deliver on a tight timeline.

With Compose, the client stood to benefit from:
• Short turnaround time for deployment
• Multiple rounds of Total Compensation recommendations and consultations
• Import and Export capability to Workday and multiple payroll systems


With the help of the Compose team, the firm was able to streamline and manage its complex multi-layered program with much more confidence. The centralization and configuration of the Compose automation program gave them time back in preparation of their cycle as well as heightened confidence in the integrity of the information. The improvements in the cycle process enhanced their ability to communicate with employees while receiving better analytics and improved auditing and controls.