ADP® provides solutions for a variety of HR elements. Whether you are using ADP® for Payroll only or as your HRIS suite, Compose can partner with your process to manage your complex compensation while leveraging all the benefits of your ADP® investment.

  • Match Your Unique Requirements exactly versus having to comply with preset standards
  • More Flexibility and Control with enhanced customization and configuration capabilities
  • Build your own unique grids versus using standard templates
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Compose & ADP®: A path to success

A good Compensation Management/Total Reward program is pivotal in your company’s journey to success. It will help you not only attract the best talent but retain and motivate each employee to do their very best. When your employees perform at their peak, your company as a whole succeeds and Decusoft’s Award-Winning implementation methodology, high customer satisfaction, and retention rates can help ensure your project’s success.

Compose eliminates any additional pressure on you and your team to support and manage onboarding and support. We manage all of our own implementations and consult with you as a true partner.

  • In-House Resources which can make yearly plan changes/configurations versus outside implementation partners
  • Support and Services that include personalized support, expert customer service, and rapid response times