Compensation Automation for
Financial Services

Compose powers your compensation planning, administration, and management with a secure, web-based centralized platform designed specifically for financial services professionals. In everything we do, from product design, service delivery, and our product roadmap, the voice of financial services professionals is present.

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Specialized compensation management software, providing
Integration & Configuration

Our specialized compensation expertise provides dynamic solutions and easily integrates with your existing HCM, ERP or HRIS system, is excel friendly, and highly configurable. We are a specialized compensation solution, so we are more dynamic than your HCM system and give you more flexibility with the ability to manage your unique plans in a robust and secure package. Financial services compensation plans are often complex and unique. We leverage our proprietary business rules engine to easily handle any degree of complexity.

Reduce risk with a compensation system that is Centralized & Secure

Avoid the risks of making your source of record a spreadsheet that can be emailed throughout the organization, manipulated, and cause potential calculation errors. Nowhere is auditing and accountability more important than in the financial services space. With Compose you get transparency and real-time access to all accurate information and changes. A dynamic and accurate audit trail provides an assuring layer of protection for the firm and individuals.

"We continue to receive great feedback from our managers on the ease of use, functionality, and general flexibility of the system. There are two things that really set Compose apart from other systems. First is the above and beyond customer service, we receive from the team. Second is how well they partner with us to ensure we are getting exactly what we need and want from their system."

Director of HR
Financial Governance Firm

"An outstanding product, a project team partnership that cannot be beaten, and support that stayed with us thru the go-live period are just some of the reasons our HR call center received only a handful of calls compared to the hundreds received last year with our prior vendor. Thanks, Decusoft!

Senior HR Project Manager
Financial Services Firm

"We recently transitioned to Compose to support our compensation planning needs. The high level of support and expertise provided by the Decusoft team enabled us to have a smooth implementation despite the challenges of changing timelines, budgets, and pools. We were able to provide data in one tool to support our salary, bonus, and equity planning that resulted in a seamless and smooth process for our managers."

Senior VP HR
Financial Services Firm

"We have used Compose since 2011, which has been an integral part of our compensation and budget process. The application has proven to be a flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use tool for our highly customized environment. My Compose dedicated support team is outstanding and frequently exceeds our expectations; oftentimes they work after hours during our busy season to address our needs. I would gladly recommend Compose without reservation."

Senior Vice President, HR
Global Financial Firm

"We newly implemented Compose this year and it has created a world of difference in our year-end compensation planning and execution process. Decusoft is a highly customer-service-oriented vendor that has acted as a business partner, helping streamline and build efficiencies into our compensation process. The Compose team is very knowledgeable in the compensation space and has kept our end goal(s) in mind throughout."

Financial Services Firm

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