Traditionally employee experience was viewed as a relatively vague concept based on the sentiment of one’s role in, and tenure with, an organization. However, unprecedented changes in social, economic, and business environments have fostered a more measurable and holistic view of the employee experience.

The employee experience encapsulates the entire journey from recruitment to onboarding to development and finally exit.

What is your organization doing to influence the journey’s milestones?

Evaluating the experience of the employee can help create a very actionable portion of your plan. Software technology capabilities, and specifically the experience of interacting with them, can have a huge effect on the employee experience and the organization’s overall performance. How your workforce utilizes the tools to perform their jobs and the resulting efficiencies (or inefficiencies) impact their performance and therefore their experience.

HR departments have an opportunity to utilize insights and feedback around these experiences to better analyze and act on DEI, Diversity and Inclusion, performance management improvements, employee engagement, and retention. These are central tenants in crafting a positive employee experience.

Join us for this timely discussion including the importance of having the right software to get the right results.

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Meet the Speakers

Michael Pires CEO of Decusoft

Michael Pires

CEO of Decusoft

Michael is an HCM/Fintech executive with more than 20 years of leading and building organizations of varied sizes. He leads Decusoft’s mission to provide a dynamic, extensible, and configurable compensation & DEI analytics management solution to maximize the impact of HR, compensation, and management teams.

Roy Altman

Founder and CEO of PeopleServ

Roy is a senior HR technology management and analytics expert, recognized as an industry thought-provoker, author, speaker, and educator, who has held leadership positions in many capacities. His focus is continual process improvements and insights through analytics, which have resulted in significant cost savings through increased efficiencies, risk mitigation, and enhanced service.