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Presented by: Joseph Sorrentino and Steven Hall Jr., Steven Hall & Partners

Are you new to the Executive Compensation management field? Do you want to ensure that you have the fundamental knowledge necessary to establish Executive Compensation plans that will help to attract, motivate and retain the talent necessary to achieve your corporate objectives?

Join Joseph Sorrentino and Steven Hall for a review of the basic components of Executive Compensation Management.

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Presented by: Join Sam Reeve, EVP of Consulting Services, Performensation

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Presented by: Leslie Ann O’Connell, AVP, Sales, COMPOSE

You need a compensation management software specialist like COMPOSE if:

  • You struggle to maintain existing manual compensation administration processes
  • Your compensation plans are unique, complex and challenging
  • You need to quickly react to changes that affect compensation
  • You lack real-time access to centralized compensation data for management and auditing requirements
  • You experience too much pain and suffering during your compensation process
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