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EasyAdmin / UA Local 692 Sprinkler Fitters
UA Local 692 Sprinkler Fitters

“Over the past few months, and even more in depth recently, Cade [Nutting, Implementation Specialist] has been assisting us with the installation, training and transition to the EasyAdmin software program.

As I’m sure you are aware, this transition is a major undertaking and can at times be quite challenging, frustrating and even confusing to the client. Cade has made this process much more efficient, as well as easier and more comfortable, especially for me since I will be a primary user of this program. His patience, flexibility, courtesy and attention to detail, while always being professional and personable, has made this process much more pleasant and efficient.

Cade is a true asset to your firm and he projects a very positive image of Decusoft and himself. Cade’s extensive knowledge of the program has enabled him to often exceed the basic training protocol, often expanding on my questions to provide greater insight into the effectiveness of the software. His is tireless and patient in answering all of my questions in a pleasant and easy-to-understand manner.

I look forward to completing this transition with Cade’s assistance.”

Pat Lyster

UA Local 692 Sprinkler Fitters

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