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COMPOSE / Kindred Healtcare
Kindred Healthcare

“It was important to us to not only find a product that worked, but a vendor that, from a company cultural standpoint, was a good fit. We recognized that we could make a smooth transition with COMPOSE and we could form a partnership with Decusoft, long-term.”

Mike Balz
Senior Project Manager

Kindred Healthcare

Company Overview

Kindred Healthcare, Inc. is a healthcare services company, based in Louisville, Kentucky, with annual revenues of over $4 billion and approximately 54,800 employees in 40 states. As of March 31, 2009, Kindred, through its subsidiaries, provided healthcare services in 661 locations, including 82 long-term acute care hospitals, 228 skilled nursing centers and a contract rehabilitation services business, Peoplefirst rehabilitation services, which served 351 non-affiliated facilities.


Automate and streamline. This was the mantra of the Kindred Healthcare team as they determined it was no longer effective to manually plan, manage and distribute Short Term Incentive Compensation (STIC) for its 2,800 eligible employees. Faced with a completely manual process managed in Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets, the Kindred team often experienced: inaccurate employee data, time-consuming quarterly accrual and yearly payout processes, and Bonus payouts that were not understood by employees.


Is backed by the Decusoft team, which Kindred views as a partner in its ongoing automation process Implementing COMPOSE has yielded immediate benefits beyond elimination of time-consuming manual processes. The company is experiencing improved data integrity, better auditing and controls around all short-term incentive Bonus plans, reduction in Bonus calculation errors, and increased employee awareness.

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