Decusoft Logo Library

The consistent application of the brand identity allows Decusoft to send a clear and controlled message, creating a strong unifying image of our company. Decusoft ask that you use the brand identity with care as it is among our most valuable assets and we hope that the following guidelines will help you in utilizing and applying the brand image.

Both print and screen files are available for each logo, including black and white, in EPS and PNG formats. When working with these files, be sure to follow the Brand Standard Guidelines when utilizing and applying the logos in production.

To preserve the unique nature of the Decusoft brand and ensure consistency throughout all its applications, the logos should in no way be modified or altered regarding configuration, colors, relative proportions or combined with any other elements. Every application of the logo should strengthen the company’s image and must be done with care and with the highest quality standards.

Decusoft’s registered trademarks, as well as other names, seals, logos and other symbols that are representative of the company may be used solely with permission of Decusoft.