The EasyAdmin Difference

EasyAdmin simplifies complex Taft-Hartley Benefit Fund software administration and allows you to easily enforce Board of Trustee decisions and administer Plan Document rules and guidelines. There are six (6) areas in which we clearly set ourselves apart from other Union and Taft-Hartley Benefit Fund software companies and solutions – Features, Flexibility, Compatibility, Affordability, Ease of Use and Service.

You Need EasyAdmin If…

  • Changing your Employer Contracts or adding a fund requires major vendor intervention.
  • Preparing for an Audit makes you break out in a cold sweat.
  • Any change to your benefit plans require endless manual interventions and/or IT expenses to produce.
  • The Data export capabilities of your system is limited to exporting ink to paper.
  • You need a software-as-a-service option to quickly ramp up a new system with a low implementation cost and a low monthly rate.

How EasyAdmin Is Different


Out–of–the–box software has a limited or fixed feature set that can’t easily deal with the difficult problems that Union Benefit Funds encounter every day – forcing you to to use manual processes and spreadsheets. Working the way you work, EasyAdmin is configurable software with a robust feature set that easily adapts to your unique requirements.


EasyAdmin centralizes Benefit Fund Administration. With EasyAdmin you can configure your own employer contracts, eligibility rules, delinquency policies, security, reports, and more.


EasyAdmin can securely exchange information with your employers, vendors, accountants, and auditors.


Decusoft offers SaaS-based subscriptions or traditional license delivery options and also gives you the choice of a hosted or on–premise deployment. Implementation, training and support options are scalable. With EasyAdmin, there are no hidden fees or last minute surprises.

Ease of Use

The EasyAdmin user interface is contemporary, which greatly reduces training and ramp–up time for your users.


Team Decusoft stands by its customers, from requirements to go–live and beyond—24/7. Just ask our clients!


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