COMPOSE Top 5 Reasons to Buy

5 Reasons to Implement COMPOSE, our Award-Winning Compensation Solution

COMPOSE Top 5 Reasons to Buy

There is no shortage of off-the-shelf products designed to manage compensation, recruiting, talent management and more. COMPOSE is a specialized compensation management solution that automates variable pay scenarios including bonus, merit, short and long-term incentive plans. We’re laser-focused on delivering a robust, flexible and effective product – it’s all we do.

Competitive, up-to-date variable pay programs play a major role in an organization’s ability to attract and retain top performers. In today’s highly competitive business environment, with frequent pay adjustments and changes to your plan strategy, a user-friendly compensation solution like COMPOSE is a necessity.

Broad HCM solutions don’t offer significant flexibility and often require a third-party vendor for full functionality. COMPOSE compensation management software offers remarkable configurability and seamless integration with your HCM product. It can be simply customized to fit your needs with no need for regular upgrades. And when you make HCM system changes, COMPOSE remains unaltered.

Poor service and support is the #1 regret reported by 68% of today’s HCM solutions buyers. We believe that 24-48 hours to resolve an issue is simply too long to wait. COMPOSE users enjoy not only the fastest response times in the industry, but also an industry-leading 90%+ satisfaction and retention rate. Our greatest champions are happy and referenceable clients.

From pre-sales through post-implementation, every COMPOSE customer is assigned a dedicated team of specialists. You’ll always have access to an expert intimately familiar with your compensation management needs. The Commerce Industry of NJ has recognized our award-winning methodology as a “Best Practices” strategic added value and brand differentiator.