Application Development

Successful solutions are the outcome of a process-driven agile development methodology combined with adaptable design, flexible development and simplified overall user experience.

We collaborate with you to evaluate, select, design, develop and implement software solutions that enable your business success.

Decusoft employs the latest technology and development practices to produce the right solution, on time and on budget.

Best practices are put to use to ensure delivered software meets your unique requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Project Management and Delivery Approach

Decusoft has developed a comprehensive, yet highly flexible and adaptable Project Management and Delivery program that delivers the best software solutions across the various project performance factors – human, capital, delivered-solution and technology. This program combines highly-skilled Decusoft project managers with the latest industry best practices, refined by Decusoft’s client-experiences in support of Decusoft’s continuing quality and customer-experience improvement programs.

Decusoft’s Project Delivery Toolkit and Methodology aligns project objectives and resources with customer goals utilizing cloud-based technology facilitating reliable plans with measurable deliverables, open collaboration, central repository for project artifacts, accurate designs and specifications, rapid and predictable results, proactive risk/threat mitigation and comprehensive quality assurance.

Key components of Decusoft Project Management:

  • Project oversight by highly skilled and experienced project manager employing the industry’s latest best- practices for managing software projects (RAD/JAD, RUP, Agile/Scrum, PMI, PRINCE2, COBIT, and others);
  • Single-point of contact for all project-related interactions; and
  • Continuing attention skills development and refinement – on-going training and development program in new tools and technologies enhancing performance, productivity and quality.

Key components of Decusoft Project Delivery Approach:

  • Cloud-based, web-enabled project collaboration and management tool giving clients real-time view of every aspect of project information;
  • Applied practice utilizing Decusoft’s project-hardened approach based on client experience and a project life cycle and project delivery framework that puts emphasis on eight stages of life cycle – Project Launch, Discovery, Analysis/Design, Planning, Developing/Testing, User Acceptance Implementation/Deployment and Turnover, into easily manageable and deliverable Agile/Scrum-based constructs; and
  • Development of a comprehensive project execution plan, with clearly defined and measurable business impact and critical Key Performance Objectives and metrics for success, and continuous monitoring and feedback on actual performance compared to plan.

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